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Virtual Distribution Interface

Connecting Exclusive Specialty Brands with Unique Retailing Opportunities

In our pursuit of exemplary products with proven efficacy, we found that many of these companies are unable to make it to market out of the gate. Medium to large distributors rightfully will not consider such products until they are on the shelves of notable retailers like Whole Foods. Correspondingly, retailers like Whole Foods are less equipped to bring emerging brands to market then before the Amazon acquisition. Our Virtual Distribution Engine was designed to bring exemplary product manufacturers to a large constituency of prominent retail opportunities through medical practices, health clubs, health insurance companies, universities and hospitals. In combination with the unbiased grading of our patented Efficacy Engine®, it is a formidable tool to be used in a market growth strategy.

  • API Feed
  • No inventory
  • Automatic integration with existing shopping cart through API
  • Alternate inexpensive turn-key shopping cart solution through Shopify
  • Automatic shipping direct to consumer
  • Hundreds of thousands of high quality food, beverage, supplement, beauty, device, equipment, accessory products to choose from
  • Biometric, genomic, blood testing, coaching, and other services

The Technology


The Virtual Distribution Interface is only available in conjunction with our Efficacy Engine API, into your existing or Shopify solution.

Our data in your existing store

$0 setup & $99/mo

Choose from 5,000+ name brands and 75,000 high quality products with direct-to-consumer shipping and no inventory requirements. 

Add a store to your existing site

$99 setup & $129/mo

We will create  fully configurable online store to add to your existing website where you will will be able to add private label and other brands. Includes 5,000+ name brands and 75,000+ high quality products with direct-to-consumer shipping and no inventory requirements