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GoNo Food Finder Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission is to empower consumers, physicians and insurance companies to incorporate Functional Food & Integrative Medicine through personalized food, recipe, and meal plan recommendations evidenced by peer approved clinical studies. 

Our Vision is to enhance the health, wellbeing, and financial security of individuals by using Functional Food & Integrative Medicine to treat and prevent medical conditions.

In summary: Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic disease directly caused by poor food and a lack of nutrition. Functional Food is that which does more than mere nutrition and can be used to treat or prevent these chronic diseases in the vast majority of cases. When integrated with modern medicine, Functional Food can improve outcomes and, in all cases, lead to healthier lives. GoNo Food Finder developed a patented algorithm we call our “Efficacy Engine®”. It determines what foods are effective in the treatment or prevention of disease, based entirely upon peer-reviewed clinical research. Each food is assigned a grading that shows the effectiveness of its ingredients, ranked A to F, along with the number of effective ingredients that food contains. These results can be used for grocery shopping lists, recipes, restaurant menu selections, and meal planning. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the $2.7 trillion in unnecessary costs associated with preventable chronic diseases. We profit, with a purpose, by selling 75,000 shelf-stable foods and supplements that meet a minimum standard of “first doing no harm”. These products are priced at par with major grocery retailers. We partner with physicians, insurance companies, health clubs, and other wellness organizations to bring these resources to the public.