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A Healthy Food Medtech Company

We have solved the problem of what each individual should eat for their health and longevity, backed by unbiased clinical studies and presented in an easily digestible way.
Our solutions are available in a mobile App, Co-Branded Store, e-commerce plugin, or as Software-as-a-Service through our API.

Quick Facts

  • 52% of consumers read food labels
  • They want to know what’s good or bad for them
  • Our App replaces label reading with scanning
  • It delivers instant exacting results
  •  It financially rewards consumers for healthy decisions
  • 80% of chronic disease can be prevented with food



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Industries We Serve

Food Producers
  • Create healthy food
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Answer consumer demand
Grocery Stores
  • Engage in consumer health
  • Create endless isle
  • Expand inventory virtually

Health Clubs

  • Deepen member relationships
  • Create non-dues revenues
  • Incorporate medical

Health Insurance

  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce costs
  • Decrease premiums
  • Improve benefits

Medical Practices

  • Improve outcomes
  • Raise ratings
  • Increase revenues
  • Increase patient engagement

How The Efficacy Engine® Works

Bad News / Good News

Bad news: 3 out of 4 of everyone you know and love is likely to suffer from chronic disease caused by bad food: stealing vibrance, shortening life, and costing over $3 trillion of wasted “sick-care” money, strangling our entire economy.  

Good news!! 80% of chronic disease is preventable through personalized functional food and we have spent the last decade perfecting the solution. Our patented Efficacy Engine® determines which foods have clinical efficacy (scientifically proven effective) and are “functional” in the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. Resilience & immunity are at the core of our solution. Consumers, physicians, insurance companies, and food manufacturers alike can benefit from our Efficacy Engine® to get answers as to which foods, supplements, and recipes are right for individuals. An initial Go/No rating is used enabling consumers to make quick decisions and a deep dive letter/number grading system shows all details behind the initial rating.