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Food Producers

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthy foods. GoNo Food Finder grades foods for efficacy.

80% of chronic disease can be treated or prevented with nutritious, delicious, “functional” foods, dramatically improving millions of lives, and having a major impact on the $3.0 trillion spent on chronic “sick-care” in America. Our fully functioning patented “Efficacy Engine®” determines which foods have clinical efficacy (scientifically proven effectiveness) and are “functional” in the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. Resilience & immunity are at the core of our solution. Consumers, physicians, insurance companies, and food manufacturers alike can benefit from our Efficacy Engine to get answers as to which foods, supplements, and recipes are right for individuals.

Ingredient Suppliers

organic foods

Growers, farms, mills, and manufacturers of raw ingredients have a profound ability to affect wellness from farm to fork by focusing on creating specific nutrient-rich healthy products.


food manufacturing

Food producers can utilize our Efficacy Engine to create products loaded with healthy ingredients designed to combat disease, improve immunity, and increase critical bio-markers to enhance long term health and wellness. 

Food Service

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Foodservice organizations including educational and hospital segments need to dramatically improve the efficacy of the foods they serve and drastically decrease the negative effects of processed, high salt, high sugar, and high-fat foots. 


Chef cooking at the restaurant decorating a plate

Fifty percent of food is consumed away from home where the industry has been focussed on culinary mastery absent of health consequences. Chefs and the restaurant industry have a great opportunity to replace unhealthy ingredients with nutritious, delicious, functional, efficacious, sustainable food ingredients that will keep patrons healthy and happy. 

The Role of GoNo Food Finder


Growers, Ingredient Suppliers, Producers, Food Service, and Restaurants are free to use our patented Efficacy Engine® to aid in creating healthy and functional foods. The use of our registered trademark and/or service mark may be granted whereby specific ingredients, products, recipes or menu items meet our stringent requirements.

Principles We Follow

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives is the joint venture of the Harvard School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America, where, since 2004, physicians, registered dietitians, nutritionists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals; hospital, insurance, and other healthcare executives, and healthcare foodservice directors, executive chefs, growers and food producers collaborate.