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Our Patented Efficacy Engine®

The Efficacy Engine is a tool that utilizes a team of experts and nationally recognized medical data to assign letter grades (A, B, C, D, E, F) to ingredients based on how effective they are. A grade-A ingredient, for example, is associated with positive outcomes for a given condition or goal based on clinical research that meets rigorous bias, study size, and quality requirements. Because all foods, supplements, and recipes on our site have every one of their ingredients in our database, these grades can be applied to each ingredient in a product, resulting in a product report card. The report card shows how effective each active ingredient is at preventing and/or treating particular medical condition. In the simplest form, our Efficacy Engine delivers “Green for Go, Red for NO!” to the user with respect to the food, supplement, beverage, recipe, menu item or meal plan.  

The Instant Decision

The Detailed Grading System

The Technology

Our SaaS API is comprised of a multitude of relational databases
with the Efficacy Engine at its core, as shown below.